Presto for State and Local Government

A Secure, Scalable Approach to Transparency and Openness Initiatives within State & Local Government

Transparency, participation and collaboration all support the President's original January 21, 2009 Transparency and Open Government Memorandum. But without a fast, easy and secure way to surface data, citizens continue to struggle with a government that overspends and under reports.

In order to support the President’s memorandum for transparency and openness, every agency needs to identify and embrace effective solutions that enable citizens with greater insight into how the government allocates funding for government programs and initiatives.

While the Open Government Initiative offers many benefits, it starts with government investing in technology solutions that can be assembled quickly for all citizens to leverage in support of government accountability efforts. With technology solutions that enable the ability to ‘mash’ authoritative systems and quickly create their own results, citizens are able to create the context and relevancy they need to take part in our nation’s economic future.

Today’s state government agencies require interactive solutions that allow citizens to track state spending, review revenue and expenses by fiscal year, view state budgets and adjust spending levels by buckets. Enabling agencies with just-in-time information that is quickly assembled, presented and disturbed to citizens, makes government more open, honest and accountable.

State and local agencies that have embraced the ‘democratization of data’ have seen many benefits from their efforts including:

  • Credibility — better public access to government information means a better understanding and appreciation for government initiatives
  • Productivity — citizens can ‘self-serve’ their information needs, freeing agency officials to focus on other important government initiatives
  • Participation — growing volumes of contextual insight support greater participation by citizens

Transparency solutions are currently being developed and used by agencies as diverse as Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the California Health Care Foundation and the City of Seattle. But results aren’t limited to just these forward thinking agencies, every state and local government can leverage JackBe’s government-ready transparency solution.

Presto: A Government-Ready Transparency Solution

JackBe's Real-Time Operational Intelligence platform, Presto, is supporting transparency reporting efforts within government agencies of every size. JackBe's extensive government client list includes the Department of Commerce, Defense Information Agency (DIA), US Airforce, US Army, Army National Guard, and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), as well as many government contractors.

Read the case study and see Presto in action.