Bring Dynamic Decision-making to the Front Lines of the Business

Manufacturing organizations constantly work to make better decisions across all areas of the business by focusing on what is most important--maintaining agile supply chains that can readily adjust to market conditions, streamlining operations to increase productivity levels and gaining access to real-time performance metrics to decrease service response times.

To succeed at these goals, your decision makers need the best operational insight available. Unfortunately, after decades of growth, the information your manufacturing managers need is spread across disparate systems, making it difficult and time consuming to deliver right-time information. Traditional information delivery through slow, disconnected business intelligence warehouses is too constrained. Adding new data sources, creating new combinations of information, or asking new questions can mean months of delay.

With JackBe's Real-Time Operational Intelligence platform, Presto, manufacturing organizations can quickly assemble and deliver actionable intelligence across inventory, logistics, distribution and vendor channels for dynamic decision-making on the front lines of the business. And Presto's live view of operational data lets you better align processes, reduce costs and increase efficiency across all lines of your business.

Using Presto to bring Real-Time Operational Intelligence to your manufacturing operations will help you:

  • Gain visibility into customers and processes in an unprecedented way, leading to better customer care and improved demand planning
  • Increase real-time insight to improve response times, decrease production delays and maximize productivity levels
  • Quickly create dynamic dashboards of operational data across the enterprise to evaluate and enhance production of goods and services
  • Optimize information gathering from disparate enterprise systems and processes to deliver demand-driven manufacturing
  • Improve manufacturing operations by leveraging real-time information for better inventory insight, increased customer demand forecasting and better performance management


Contact us to arrange a personal demonstration of Presto and learn more about how your organization can benefit from Real-Time Operational Intelligence.