IT Operations

Operational Performance with Real-Time Visibility into Business Impact

Formerly the “operations middle,” organizations are demanding more from IT Operations than simply serving as the go-between for operators running the systems and executives running the business on those systems. Now, IT Operations is charged with translating business requirements into IT deliverables that tie operational metrics from multiple systems to business impact metrics.

To do that, IT Operations needs to automate the collection, aggregation and connection of operational information to business metrics—as it’s happening—from the hundreds of applications and servers it monitors and manages.

Presto can help IT Operations develop a consolidated view of operational performance to provide business units with real-time visibility into business impact.

For IT Operations itself, Presto provides a 360º view to improve operational KPIs such as “Mean Time to Identify” and “Mean Time to Restore.” Having a clear view into these KPIs can improve issue resolution times by quickly and accurately identifying the incident impact and reducing the time to resolution.

Plus, by tying key performance metrics and scorecards together with real-time operational information, organizations can decrease system response times, reduce system failures and outages, increase database uptime across lines of business and eliminate server lag times.

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