Presto for Financial Services

Gain Actionable Insight from Live Information

In the aftermath of the world-wide credit crisis, financial institutions must re-focus on what is most important--cultivating profitable customer relationships, streamlining operations, and managing risk more effectively. Making better decisions in these core areas requires actionable insights from an ever-expanding list of information sources. Financial institutions must be able to combine new sources of information with existing knowledge to create new insights in a rapid and cost-effective manner--without waiting for IT--in order to thrive in this post-crisis environment.

Decision-makers can only shine their brightest if they are properly empowered – and having access to the right information at the right time has always been the rate-limiting factor for their success. Making real-time operational business decisions requires access to fresh data from live information sources. Seeing, understanding and acting in real-time can be the difference between organizational success and failure.

Real-Time Operational Intelligence provides financial institutions of all types with improved results in many parts of the business, acquiring new customers, serving and servicing existing customers, making investment decisions, giving investment advice, and increasing bank product innovation through iterative and reusable development practices. JackBe’s Real-Time Operational Intelligence Platform, Presto, is the fastest way for businesses to gain actionable insight from live information sources through Real-Time Operational Intelligence Apps that can be used when and where users need them.

Using JackBe’s Presto, your organization can:

  • Manage risk and exposure in a more informed, effective manner;
  • Gain visibility into customers in an unprecedented way, improving customer care, cross-sell and up-sell;
  • Streamline operations, reducing costs and ensuring compliance;
  • Process exceptions and managing emerging risks more efficiently;
  • Monitor markets to improve investment returns and adapt products to those opportunities.