Presto for Situational Awareness

Optimizing Situational Awareness with Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Current Department of Defense initiatives call for an established NetOps framework to achieve shared situational awareness across agencies in the DoD. Shared situational awareness is achievable with technology solutions that have an non-invasive architectural approach, with rapid data assembly tools and a pluggable security model. These capabilities are the cornerstone to achieving a shared situational awareness mission, ultimately reducing development time and cost while enhancing collaborative decision-making processes.

The Presto platform gives analysts access to live, secure information from authoritative sources to deliver a unified view of their operating environment, incorporating sources such as network and information security, all-source intelligence, COTS and GOTS ERP, and command and control systems. Presto's flexibility and extensibility allow users to deliver context and relevance within dynamic operational dashboards so intelligence analysts are able to make accurate and timely decisions based on their common operating picture.

In the US Department of Defense, Presto applications currently provide capabilities for situational awareness, operational and mission readiness, real-time intelligence views, Common Operating Pictures (COP), and on-demand dashboards.

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