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Real-Time Enterprise: Turning Big Data into Big Thinking

Author: DBTA, JackBe

Real-Time Enterprise: Turning Big Data into Big Thinking


You’ll probably never require the split-second decision-making of an ER doctor or fighter pilot to make business decisions—but that doesn’t mean you’re not increasingly dependent on real-time data to make time-sensitive decisions. JackBe's contribution to Database Trends and Applications magazine’s thought leadership series, Real-Time Enterprise, delves into how “visual thinking” allows you to process vast amounts of information for split-second decisions in ways that don’t even seem like active thinking, freeing you to actively consider the unusual in patterns for new insights.


3 Ways ETL Can Stall Your Business and Steps to Ramp Up to Real-Time

Author: JackBe

3 Ways ETL Can Stall Your Business and Steps to Ramp Up to Real-Time


The idea of user-triggered Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETL) processes to produce on-the-fly data enrichment is getting some buzz. That’s probably because every business realizes the value of driving decisions with real-time intelligence. If real-time access to your data is important to running your business—and in today’s competitive environment, it should be—then tools that require data manipulation before you can do anything with the data are slowing you down. This educational paper can guide you through the pitfalls ETL presents—and offers you specific questions to ask when you’re considering a real-time analytics solution.


Special Report: Real-Time Big Data Analytics and In-Memory Data Management

Author: DBTA, JackBe and Terracotta.



IT executives know that being able to offer business decision makers rapid and easy access to business intelligence or analytical data will give their organization a competitive advantage. However, for many, the limitations of their current systems and tools have impeded this vision. Download JackBe's contribution, Real-Time Analytics and In-Memory Data Management: A Big Data Marriage Made in Heaven, to Database Trends and Applications magazine’s thought leadership series, Delivering Information Faster: In-Memory Technology Reboots the Big Data Analytics World.


7 Real-Time Dashboards that Drive Extreme Value

Author: JackBe


BI analytics tools do an incredibly thorough job of dissecting what's already happened. But does your current BI system show you the business impact of changing conditions--as they happen? Real-time operational intelligence can produce high returns, if you're applying it in the right areas of your business. In this brief eBook, JackBe identifies seven functions that benefit from real-time dashboards to know what's happening now.


Aberdeen Research Brief: Operational Intelligence - Part 1 & 2

Author: The Aberdeen Group

The Aberdeen Group released new research on Operational Intelligence where they collected responses from 293 executives across the globe on the impact of business analytics at a tactical level. Whether it's greater operating cash flow, reducing costs or improved cross sell revenue—companies are increasingly looking for new ways to make faster and more productive decisions. In their two-part research series, Aberdeen aims to provide key findings including key performance indicators, Best-in-Class insight and vendor intelligence.


Operational Dashboards: The Key to Making Real-Time Decisions

Author: JackBe

Operational Dashboards: The Key to Making Real-Time Decisions The primary vehicle by which organizations monitor operational activity and make proactive decisions is an operational dashboard. This application graphically displays real-time or near real-time information from multiple systems to front-line workers and managers. The visual display enables workers to monitor the status of a business activity at a glance and take appropriate actions, often within the context of the dashboard itself.


Understanding the Need for an Operational Approach to BI

Author: JackBe

With today's rapid pace of change and the explosion of information, Real-Time Operational Intelligence has a crucial role in many modern enterprises. Organizations cannot remain effective and competitive if all critical business information is delivered based on past information. While traditional business intelligence fills an important role for most organizations, an increasing portion of an organization's decision needs will require Real-Time Operational Intelligence.


Real-Time Intelligence in Clouds: A Windows Azure Partner Solution Case Study

Author: Microsoft

Real-Time Intelligence in Clouds: A Windows Azure Partner Solution Case Study DataMarket offers rich, real-time data in one central place, and Presto from JackBe makes that data contextual and relevant for decision making in an incredibly dynamic business world.

Mashups in the Enterprise IT Environment

Written By : Lane Cooper,

Mashups in the Enterprise IT Environment In today’s hyper-dynamic environment, large organizations no longer have the luxury of taking years to develop, test and deploy business applications. The heat is on for business units to analyze data faster and for developers and IT professionals to deliver solutions more quickly. As a result, IT is now often required to operate in “real time” where expectations are inordinately – and sometimes unrealistically – high. The response within many IT departments has been a quiet revolution – the introduction of mashups – a kind of ‘self-serve’ option for business units itching to access, manipulate and analyze their data more directly for better business agility.

An Executive Perspective on the Strategic Value of Enterprise Mashups

Author: Lane Cooper,

Strategic Value of Enterprise Mashups The potential of mashups in the enterprise is great. Enterprise mashups offer a new way to accelerate the process of bringing together information throughout organizations, empowering non-technical business users to construct new insights that tap into the real-time sources of information that drive decisions. In an effort to better understand this new technology and comprehend the significant management implications that ensue, the editors of BizTechReports.Com sat down with subject matter experts at JackBe to explore the strategic, operational, financial and technological issues that organizations should consider to effectively harness this technology-enabled business application.