Real-Time Operational Intelligence for Executives

JackBe Presto for IT ExecutivesYour organization expects you to break down your business’ goals into objectives, create the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to determine if your objectives are being met, then provide those KPIs to the people doing the work. It sounds pretty simple, and it might be—if any of the data or systems were the least bit compatible. Which they’re not.

The point of collecting all of this data is to convert it into competitive advantage. Your problem is that the data itself isn’t the advantage—instead, that advantage is measured by how fast your people can parlay data—from myriad sources—into a decision. Using that yardstick, how well are your current business intelligence (BI) tools serving you?

Here’s how JackBe Presto can help you:

You need quick ramp-up: You already have BI systems—and it took months to implement them. Presto features a “point-click-connect” assembly tool that allows you to combine data from all of your existing systems, including those BI tools, into common KPIs. Making the set-up process less complex means new apps and dashboards can be created in hours—even minutes—by your technical team and pushed out to users faster than ever through JackBe’s secure AppDepot.

You need the option of self-service and social integration: Everyone benefits if you can lessen data users’ dependence on your IT team. Presto’s simple design for creating dashboards and secure AppDepot lets non-technical users create their own answers, share their work and leverage the solutions of others. We call it "DIY BI."

You need access anywhere: Your data users are global, and the trend toward Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) poses tremendous support challenges for your applications. Presto apps run unchanged in SharePoint, portals and mobile devices. Build it once, use it everywhere.

You need end-to-end security: Presto keeps security and governance with IT. Secure end-to-end, your data visualizations are as safe as they are accessible. Nothing is stored on any device.

Are you a Federal IT Executive?

JackBe understands the unique requirements of IT Executives called to support government agencies. Adopted by the Federal civilian, defense and intelligence communities, Presto is a certified and growing BI software choice for Federal agencies. You can learn more about Presto’s suitability for agency use at this link.