Presto FAQs

What is Presto?

Presto® is a software platform that allows you to combine data from any source into a single, real-time view to provide your organization real-time operational intelligence.

What makes Presto different?

Two words: Live data. Presto accesses data from its original sources—data warehouses, news feeds, social media, existing Business Intelligence (BI) systems, even Excel spreadsheets—to show you visualizations of the data combinations that matter to you, in real-time. Unlike other BI and data visualization tools, Presto requires no data to be copied, stored or re-housed. That makes Presto faster while allowing it to handle data other BI analytics platforms just can’t.

What do you mean by “real-time”?

Aberdeen Research reports that the demand for decision-support information “within minutes or hours” has grown by over 200% in the last two years alone. Real-time operational intelligence means information you need when you need it—no matter what you need to know, no matter where you are, no matter where your data lives, no matter how often your data is updated.

How much does “real-time” data really matter?

That depends on how often—and how much—your data changes. Most business intelligence (BI) is focused on analyzing historical data. While BI can give you a clear view of the past, it can’t help you assess current conditions to make immediate operational decisions for the best possible business impact. If you’re in doubt about whether Presto’s real-time access could be important to you, here’s a rule of thumb: When was the last time you were frustrated by data that was too fresh to be of use?

Do I need to be a programmer to use Presto?

We’ve nicknamed Presto 3.5 the “DIY BI” release, because of JackBe’s emphasis on functionality that puts more power in the hands of business users. Once the connections to your data feeds are set up, Presto’s simple design for creating dashboards and its secure AppDepot lets savvy non-technical users create their own dashboards, share what they’ve done and leverage the solutions of others. Even Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts are designed for the business user to create in minutes. Point. Click. Connect. Done.

Can Presto handle social media, like Facebook or Twitter?

Absolutely. In fact, one of Presto’s strengths is the ability to accept unstructured data, like a social media feed, and keep it updated in real time.

We just equipped our field staff with iPads. Does Presto work on tablets?

Yes. JackBe recognized early that the people who benefit most from real-time operational intelligence were often in remote locations. Presto not only works on tablets, but also smartphones, portals, websites and SharePoint—all from the same app built for the desktop. Once a data visualization is created, it’s available for all devices. Best of all, Presto is optimized to take full advantage of the interactive qualities of mobile devices. “Point-and-click” becomes “tap-and-drag.”

How does Presto work?

Presto is a standard J2EE web application. Using a standard HTTP session, you can use the same architectures for Presto that you use with other J2EE web applications.

How secure is Presto?

Presto is secure end-to-end. Security and governance adhere to IT policies and happen in real time. Data and visualizations are safe. No data is stored on any device. Plus, Presto also supports OAuth, used by social media sites including Twitter and Facebook, for a richer single-sign-on experience.