Real-Time Operational Intelligence for Solution Architects

JackBe Presto for IT Solution ArchitectsYour organization expects you to deliver architecture that meets its business needs as efficiently and securely as possible. Aligning business units’ missions, strategies and data demands with adaptable IT processes would be a huge challenge if that was all you focused on daily. Which it’s not.

Your problem is that, with IT resources strained, your planning is constantly interrupted by every new data user request for business intelligence. Worse, these requests typically entail producing real-time BI analytics feeds from multiple data sources-–and that entails more customized work from you. 

Here’s how Presto can help you:

You need fast ramp-up and portable results:  Presto features a “point-click-connect” assembly tool that allows you to combine data from any of your existing systems—from your BI tools to Excel spreadsheets. Making the set-up process less complex means you can create new apps and dashboards in hours—even minutes—and get them to users faster than ever through JackBe’s secure AppDepot. Plus, Presto apps run unchanged in SharePoint, portals and mobile devices. Build it once, use it everywhere.

You need end-to-end security: With Presto, security and governance stay with IT. Secure end-to-end, your data visualizations are as safe as they are accessible. Nothing is stored on any device.

You need the option of self-service and social integration: You can reclaim some of your day if you can lessen data users’ dependence on the IT team. Presto’s simple design for creating dashboards and secure Presto AppDepot lets non-technical users create their own answers, share their work and leverage the solutions of others. We call it "DIY BI."

Are you a Federal IT Solution Architect?

JackBe understands the unique requirements of IT Solution Architects called to support government agencies. Adopted by the Federal civilian, defense and intelligence communities, Presto is a certified and growing BI software choice for Federal agencies. You can learn more about Presto’s suitability for agency use at this link.