Real-Time Operational Intelligence for Business Users

JackBe Presto for Business UsersYour organization expects you to use the data it collects to make timely decisions that support the organization’s goals. You’re expected to cope with changes, collaborate and make decisions quickly.

Your problem is that the data you need to understand is collected by a variety of systems, in a variety of formats, making it nearly impossible to access, let alone combine or share—even if you were in IT. Which you’re not. So you’ve been making do by cutting-and-pasting into Excel files. Only by the time you’re done, the data is stale.

Here’s how JackBe Presto can help:

You need real-time data: Presto allows you to combine data from any source to see your most important indicators—in real time. Presto accesses the data from its original source—whether that’s data warehouses, news feeds, social media, even your existing BI systems—to show you the dashboards that matter to you. No data is moved, stored or re-housed. That makes Presto faster, and it makes Presto safer, too.

You need the option of self-service: When you need a new dashboard, you need it now—not when IT can get to it. Presto provides data users with the tools to create their own dashboards with minimal help from the technical folks. We call it "DIY BI."

You need access anywhere: More and more, you’re not at your desk when you need to access your operational intelligence. You’re not online using a laptop, either. Presto apps run unchanged on mobile devices as well an in SharePoint and portals. Build it once, use it everywhere.

You need actionable insight: Accessing real-time data isn’t enough. You need a customized look at just the pieces of information that will allow you to decide if something is off-track, what’s causing it to be off-track and what to change to set you back on course. Presto allows you to display the exact data elements you need to create intuitive data visualizations that guide decisions.

Are you a Federal Data User?

JackBe understands the unique requirements of Data Users called to support government agencies. Adopted by the Federal civilian, defense and intelligence communities, Presto is a certified and growing BI software choice for Federal agencies. You can learn more about Presto’s suitability for agency use here.