Presto Add-on for SharePoint

Making SharePoint Real-Time for the Enterprise


Presto Add-on for SharePoint: FAST Search

Direct connections to real-time enterprise data.

Integrated FAST Search.

But what makes this latest release of Presto Add-On for SharePoint landmark is how easily power users can assemble real-time intelligence using SharePoint Designer.

Real-Time From Any Enterprise Source—
Not Just Microsoft Products

Seamless integration with Business Connectivity Services (BCS) makes it possible for power users to build real-time, data-driven apps with the familiar SharePoint Designer.

Presto Add-on for SharePoint: BCS SharePoint DesignerPresto Add-on for SharePoint

Any live enterprise system can become instant real-time SharePoint/BCS data sources to power real-time intelligence dashboards through Presto Add-On for SharePoint, including:

  • ERP systems, including SAP and Oracle
  • CRM systems, including Salesforce
  • Social media feeds, including Twitter and Facebook

Interested in more detail about the latest release? Check out our product sheet.


Presto Add-on for SharePoint on screen

SharePoint Users Create, Share, Leverage Secure Enterprise Apps

Your goal in providing a collaboration framework like SharePoint is to give users a single place to share information. The good news is that many users have embraced this resource and are seeking to access and distribute across a broader range of your organization’s data. The not-so-good news is that a lot of the data they want lives in other, already-deployed enterprise systems. In some cases, the “other system” is another SharePoint instance.

Now, it’s your task to figure out how to help these users optimize SharePoint’s value without physically moving data from every other existing application. With Presto, we can help you take that next step.

Presto Add-On for SharePoint connects information from across your enterprise, shares the results with users in SharePoint as well as in your other enterprise destinations including portals, tablets and smartphones, and does it all safely within a secure and governed environment with single sign-on capability.

Presto Add-On for SharePoint can fully integrate all parts of the enterprise by enabling users to:

  • Combine SharePoint Lists with other enterprise solutions (like Dynamics, Oracle and SAP) as well as SaaS and cloud data sources.
  • Mash data and share the results with SharePoint communities as native Web Parts.
  • Mash data and share the results with non-SharePoint users through Excel or other user-facing technologies like Oracle WebCenter, IBM webSphere, or the Apple iPhone.

Use Your Current Installation

You can maximize the return on your current SharePoint investment with an elegant out-of-the-box solution that lets end users do exactly what you deployed SharePoint to do—create their own dashboards, share what they’ve done and leverage the solutions of others.

Best of all, there is no requirement to upgrade or migrate to new versions of SharePoint. Presto Add-On for SharePoint is compatible with all versions of SharePoint.