Presto Add-on for Portals

Connect Information from Across Your Enterprise, Share the Results with Your User Community

Portals provide firms with powerful, central communication vehicles—but only if your community actively uses them. Giving users a single place to find company information with the means to customize—personalize—their experience can be the carrot needed to ensure the variety of information, tools, applications and access points you provide are fully employed.

The good news is that many users have embraced this resource and are seeking to access and distribute across a broader range of your organization’s data. The not-so-good news is that a lot of the data they want lives in disperse, already-deployed enterprise systems that don’t always play well together.

Now, it’s your task to figure out how to help these users optimize your portal’s value without physically moving data from every other existing application. With Presto, we can help you take that next step.

Presto Add-On for Portals connects information from across your enterprise, shares the results with your user community, and does it all safely within a secure and governed environment with single sign-on capability.

You’ll give your users the power to:

  • Point and connect to a myriad of enterprise and social systems;
  • Mash data into high-value, real-time visualizations;
  • Create Key Performance Indicators (KPI)-driven dashboards, and;

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