Presto Add-on for Mobile

Mobile Operational Intelligence for Real-Time Decision Making

JackBe Presto Addon for MobileMobile real-time operational intelligence —the same real-time operational intelligence that’s available through a browser on a desktop—is no longer a “nice to have.” Today’s speed of business requires all of your data visualizations on demand, on any device.

Presto Add-On for Mobile turns smartphones and tablets into first-class business decision tools. Dashboards your desktop users rely on can be converted to apps and made available to mobile users through the Presto AppDepot.

A secure, on-premise site for collaboration, the Presto AppDepot gives users a safe App Store-type experience. Included in the Presto AppDepot: A powerful "App Store Manager" process, enabling IT administrators to determine how apps are created, shared and reused across the user community. Best of all, once an app is built and made available through the Presto AppDepot, it can provide business analytics anywhere, on any device, without additional coding.

Presto’s simple assembly for dashboards and KPIs, driven by a wide variety of enterprise and social media data sources, meets the most demanding needs for real-time decision making. You get the actionable insight you require to assess the business impact of changing conditions—as they happen, no matter where you are.

Take a free test-drive of Presto Mobile for iPhone and Presto Mobile for iPad from Apple’s App Store, using JackBe's Mobile Demo Server.

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