About JackBe

JackBe is the leading provider of Real-Time Actionable Intelligence. JackBe's enterprise platform, Presto, mashes and visualizes data into live dashboards for desktop, mobile, portals and SharePoint. Armed with real-time intelligence, executives and operational managers can make immediate, informed decisions to changes that impact the business.

Organizations that depend on “data in motion” benefit from Presto’s live, multi-source connectivity which updates visual analytics—even with Big Data—in real time. Presto’s powerful “point-click-mash” assembly tool makes combining data simple. Savvy business users can create their own dashboards, share what they’ve done and leverage others’ solutions with less dependence on IT. Presto’s apps capitalize on HTML5, providing “build once, run everywhere” mobility for tablets and smartphones. And Presto’s design extends easily via plug-ins, embeds into custom applications, and is end-to-end secure.

JackBe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG. For more information, visit